We started Fun Workshop through a love of traditional board games and have gradually developed our range over many years. Our team all love to play games of different types such as card games, board games and tabletop war games and we only stock the best of them. If we don't love we don't stock it.

Our Team

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He set up this company and website and bought the initial batch of stock based on an idea to spread the love of board games and collectables. After a lot of set backs and failures eventually things got going and now he manages the day to day.


He's the technical man, responsible for the website and all of the other marketing technicalities. He's a huge board game and war game fan and he's our in house expert on what's great fun to play. If we're thinking of stocking a new game he's the one we ask first.


She's our customer service representative and looks after any enquiries or issues plus keeping our office going with great music playlists. She loves all things pop culture like Rick & Morty, Harry Potter and Minecraft.


He's the warehouse man, responsible for getting those awesome products out to our customers. He loves making models and has been instrumental in us supplying hobby items.

Other Suppliers

We also work with other local companies to help us out with various projects and always looking to partner with new people. If you thing you would like to work with us please get in touch.